Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Blog Post

So, this is my first ever blog post. I never really imagined that this day would come. Not that I have anything against a matter of fact, there are a few that I read on a regular basis. I guess I just never imagined that I would feel like I had enough to say to actually create a blog.

Why am I blogging then? Well, I am starting school with M in just a few weeks and I thought that blogging would be a nice way to record our homeschool adventures. Also, we have a lot of out-of-town family and I am hoping that this will help us to keep in touch.

Since my intention with this blog is to talk about our schooling, I thought I would write about the one semi-academic thing going on in our lives right now (not counting our daily dose of Curious George).

A few weeks ago, M noticed that there was a bird nest with 3 little blue eggs on top of his swingset. Luckily, it was right beside the fort and he was able to look inside (only when mama bird wasn't there, of course).

Yesterday, M went outside to play and guess what he saw???

Here is a pic of the baby birds waiting on some food.

And here is a pic of the mama bird ready to feed her babies (if you look closely, you can see the worm).

Amazingly, we just got a copy of the The Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock yesterday (thanks Marla!), so we have been able to do a little robin-studying of our own. Of course, M is loving it! He even made the baby birds a card today at church. Too cute!


  1. Oh, how exciting! Great pictures. Have fun watching them grow up.

  2. Welcome to the blog world! What fun observing those baby robins! Great pictures!